The following is a brief overview of our club insurance:

The club has insurance via its membership of British Cycling which covers it against third party claims. This cover is for the club and club officials, (To be classed as a ‘club official’ a person must be acting on the club’s instructions and have been appointed beforehand by the club to take responsibility for a club activity or to perform a specific task in relation to the activity, i.e. ride leader). All participants in club rides are responsible for their own personal safety and actions for the duration of the ride.Cover is provided for individuals who have been invited to participate in club activities as invitees with a view to joining the club, if you ride on club rides or participate in any club activities after two rides or participations in an activity you would be expected to join the club. 

The clubs insurance does not provide cover for individual members, it is strongly recommended that riders join one of the main cycling organisations such as British Cycling (Ride, Silver or Gold) or Cycling UK (CTC) that provide insurance cover as part of their membership benefits.

Refer to the British Cycling website or Cycling UK website for further information on membership and related insurance matters. The club is affiliated to both organisations. Club members can take out personal affiliation with Cycling UK for £24 annual membership which provides them with 3rd party cover. Team Milton Keynes membership number for Cycling UK is 90050800 and should be quoted if you apply for affiliation membership.

Under 18’s

Minimum age for club rides is 14. Riders aged under 18 must be members and have a signed Team Milton Keynes parental consent form, they must be competent riders at a level equivalent to the Level 2 Cycle Training Standards and must make themselves known to the ride leader. Riders aged under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or other adult responsible for their welfare.

Incident/Emergency Procedure

In the event of a puncture, mechanical failure, accident or other incident the ride leader will stop the group. In the event of a more serious accident the ride leader will call the emergency services and he/she or other designated riders will wait with the affected rider until the emergency services arrive. The group should only continue on the instructions of the ride leader.

Wednesday Group Rides

Regular ride from Stony Stratford on a Wednesday morning, these rides are not official Team Milton Keynes organised rides, they are informal rides in which a number of local cyclists participate. The rides start from Cofferidge Close outside the Passage to India restaurant at 09.30. There are normally at least two groups, speeds normally between 15 to 18 mph, distances and destinations are decided on the day but would normally include a cafe stop.

Essentials items for club rides:

  • Helmet, must be worn by all riders (only exception is for Sikhs who prefer to wear a turban).
  • Team Milton Keynes membership ID card.
  • Spare inner tubes.
  • Tyre levers.
  • Pump.
  • Multi-tool.
  • Mobile phone.
  • Mudguards (full length) in winter (Oct – Mar).

Other items:

  • Money for the cafe stop.
  • Some water or energy drink.
  • Appropriate clothing, gilet, rain jacket, gloves etc.
  • Bike lock.
  • Puncture repair kit.
  • Lights.
  • Computer or GPS tracking device.
  • Some food, energy bars or a banana.
  • High visibility clothing.

Ride Leaders

The club has many ride leaders who are nominated to lead the various club rides.  

The Ride Leaders primary role is to:

  • Know the route and ensure the ride returns to the start point
  • Manage the pace of the ride to the scheduled group pace
  • Organise the ride to manage any incidents or conditions – adverse weather, stopping for a puncture, a rider falling etc.

Ride leaders are not responsible for:

  • The road worthiness of group riders’ bikes.
  • Riders’ road riding behaviour. Individual riders are responsible for their bikes and themselves but are expected to follow ride leaders instructions if they ride with the group.

New leaders – we are always looking for new leaders

If you are interested in becoming a leader please contact any current ride leader to let them know.  We can organise ride leader mentoring and support to help you.