Get a Grip Before you slip

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Jim McKellar
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Get a Grip Before you slip

From Amazon grippers to put over your shoes,you can run on ice and snow safley,i did X/C this morning passing other folks who look on in as this old guy danced on ice,deliverd next day £7,50.

Ritchie Dixon
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Re: Get a Grip Before you slip
And the AA do them, on sale in WHSmiths, and I think Halfords. Support the shops!

Steel is real, but carbonfibre is lighter!

Ruth Gray
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Re: Get a Grip Before you slip
Could be handy. Found out it hurts when your feet go in the air as you go down a slope and whack your back and head on the ground. Also a little embarrassing when you have to go back up the slope to retrieve your hat before running off again. Good fun though!
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